Community residental services

Aall Care provides support to people with developmental disabilities. HTS staff allow those with Developmental Disabilities the opportunity to explore real choices, experience real communities, and follow their dreams. Each of the client specific programs are developed by a team including a Case manager, Program coordinator, HTS, Physician, Physical, Speech and Occupational therapist. The individual plan is monitored by the team continuously.

Through our Assisted Living Program individuals live at home with their parents or guardians and receive support from our trained HTS staff. Our professionally trained HTS's evaluate, assist, supervise and train individuals on a one-on-one basis in self care, daily living skills, and community integration.

Former residents of Hissom Center are provided Residential HTS and support services in settings that are supervised up to and including a 24-hour day in their own home or with other (one or two) roommates of their choice. The Supported Living Program provides them with personal needs, living expenses, assistance with securing an apartment or home, medical appts., medical care, transportation. We help with on-going coordination of social, recreational and educational activities in the community. Our staff serve as mentors, advocates, teachers and social role models.

Adult Companion Program provides service for an adult to live with a companion in a community setting. The individual benefit from hands-on-care and the adults live together sharing real life experiences.

Our trained staff provide residential HTS services for individuals in the In-Home Waiver Program who live in their own home, or the home of their family. Our support services enhance the Individual's skills, foster independence, and promote healthy choices. Community Waiver is a program that provides for our individuals HTS, mileage, briefs, and medical items if needed. Full community waiver provides dental, medical, psychiatric care that the medical card does not provide.

Homemaker support service assists a family with their child at home or allow an adult to live in the community. Respite Care services is designed to assist families in times of outing, vacations, emergencies, and when family members need to be away from home.

Aall Care Transportation creates a network of mobility and community access, enabling our individuals served to lead active and productive lives. They have access to and from the job site of their choice, outings, school, medical appointments and various community events.